Fox's running nose

The king of forest, the Lion, lived in a den. Once the den became full of bones and rotten animal parts. It was a mess. All the other animals could feel the stench from afar. So, none of the animals were interested in visiting his den.

One day, the lion invited a donkey, a fox and a deer to his den. These three animals were living on the other corner of the forest. They were worried by the invitation. However, they gatherd their courage and started from their place together to meet the lion. Afterall, it was an invitation from the King ! As they reached near the den they could not breathe properly due to the foul smell. They coverd their nose and finally reached the den.

As soon as they reached the den, the lion saw that they were covering their nose. This seemed liked an insult to the Lion. He got angry and asked the donkey, "Are you smelling anything rotten and foul ?" The poor donkey replied with the truth, "My dear sir! Yes, your den is full of rotten animals and bones. This makes the den to smell bad. So, we are not able to breathe fresh air." The blunt and hard hitting truth in the donkey's reply increased the Lion's anger. Not only does the fellow insult him by covering his nose, but also dares to call his den, the King's den, dirty! How dare he! The Lion jumped onto the donkey and killed it.

The other two frightened animals were standing by, watching the scene helplessly, with trepidation. Still fairly angry, the Lion turned towards the deer and asked, "What about you, do you get a foul smell ?" The frightend deer thought of not speaking the truth and to tell a lie to save his skin. The Lion definitely does not like to hear the truth. He replied, "My dear Sir! Foul smell ? There is no foul smell here. In fact, it is a very good fragrance." The lion sensed that the deer was lying. Already angry due to the donkey's termity, he got angrier. In his anger, he attacked and killed the deer. Poor deer, his strategy to tell a lie did not save his skin at all.

Now, it was the fox's turn. The lion turned to fox and asked, "Do you get any bad smell from my den?" The crafty fox realised, neither the blunt truth nor a white lie would save him. His response had to be based on truth and should seem feasible. He had to use all his skills. The cunning fox replied, "Sir, I have a severe cold and my nose is almost blocked. It is running and I can't smell anything. In fact, that is the reason why you have been seeing me with the handkerchief held against my nose all this while." Fox's answer seemed to cool Lion's anger somewhat. He did not kill the fox and left him alone. After that, calmly, the fox left the place and ran towards his home.

Moral: Apply the tricks when you are in danger.

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