Pitfalls of greed

Two friends Rajesh and Vijay were living as a farmers in a village. Once their village was drought hit. There were no rains for a long time. Due to the lack of water people of the village could not till their land. The villagers slowly started leaving that village and settled in another village where they had enough rain. These two frinds couldn't leave one another. Every day they were waiting for the rain. They waited for many days, but there was no chance of any rain. It became difficult to live there anymore. Finally they both decided to leave the place, and search for some other good place to live.

One fine day, both of them left the village together and started their journey towards a good fertile area with abundant water. They walked and walked, crossed their village, neighboring village, another village. Like that, they walked for two days. They were tired. It was also getting dark by that time on the second day. After walking further a short distance, they saw a lake. On the edge of the lake, there was a huge tree. Near the lake, they stopped their journey and took rest for the day. Both of them were worried about their destination. They did not know how far they would have to travel. They were also worried if they would be able to carry on much longer. They then fell asleep.

The next morning, as they woke up they saw an old man passing by. The old man engaged them in a conversation. While talking, both the friends explained their problem to the old man. The old man invited them to his house. In the house he was all alone, he didn't have family members. He then explained to them, "I have a fertile land. As I have become old, I am not able to till my land. Both of you can stay in my house and do the farming for me. When the crop grows and yields a harvest, both of you can share it equally." By this, both the friends were happy and they agreed to this condition.

They went to the store room and collected all the necessary equipments like plough, plough beam, axe, etc. Then with a pair of bullocks, they went to the farm and started ploughing it. With a high enthusiasm, they started farming on the land. At this time, Rajesh thought, "If I get a larger share from the crop, I can become richer faster." He forget all about his friend and the promise to share yield equally. So, he said to his friend that both of us will work our best and share the crop. His friend agreed. Then Rajesh put a condition that what ever grows inside the soil, he would take as his share and what ever grows outside the soil you will take as your share. Poor Vijay kept faith in his friend and agreed to the condition.

Rajesh decided to cultivate groundnut. He bought the seeds and sowed it. He put proper manure and it grew very well. During the time of harvesting, as he said to his friend earlier, which ever grew inside the soil it was Rajesh's share. He took all the ground nuts and left leaves and stem as Vijay's share. After the harvest, Vijay was unhappy because ground nut gives more profit and its leaves and stems give no profit. So this time, Vijay said to his friend that they will change the decision that it will be his share which are grown under the soil and that which are grown over the soil is Rajesh's. Rajesh agreed and this time he grew maize. But again this time maize is a crop that is grown above the soil. Rajesh got a very good yield and a good profit. But Vijay's share is under soil. Profitable part of the crop is above the soil, so Vijay could not get profit. Vijay was unhappy and this time he reached the old man and explained to him how he was being cheated by his friend.

The old man called both the friends, and asked for the truth behind this. After listening to both the accounts, he became certain that Vijay was cheated by his friend. Rajesh was no longer a good friend to Vijay. He was causing trouble with his greed. He decided to teach Rajesh a lesson. The old man asked Rajesh to leave the place and told Vijay to continue farming in his field. With sadness, Rajesh left the place. He lost a dear friend who was like family to him as well as a comfortable place where he could have created wealth for his future.

Moral: Too much greed will spoil our future.

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