The Monkey and the Crocodile

Once there lived a clever monkey on a juicy apple tree on the bank of a river. Monkey always enjoyed the sweet juicy apples. One day a crocodile swam for a long distance and reached the tree. The crocodile was tired and hungry. He was looking here and there in search of food and shelter. As he looked up he saw a monkey on the tree with an apple in his hand. He asked monkey, "As I swam very long distance, I am hungry and tired. Can you give some fruit which is on the tree". Monkey agreed and plucked one fruit and threw it down to the crocodile. The crocodile started biting the apple. The apple was so delicious. He asked for few more apples. The monkey plucked some more and threw them down to him. Crocodile had the apples till his stomach was full. Later he spent some time with monkey till eveining.

Before it became dark, the crocodile thanked the monkey and left the place. The next day again crocodile came to the monkey and asked for apples. The kind monkey gave him some apples again. Then crocodile asked the monkey, "Will you give me fruits if I come everyday ?". The monkey agreed. After few days both became good friends, they talked about themselves, their families, their friends.

One day at home, the crocodile's wife asked him about his daily travel. The crocodile explained about his friendship with the monkey and the delicious apple he eats with him. The wife crocodile was too tempted to eat the delicious apple. The next day while the crocodile was leaving to his friend's place the wife crocodile asked him to get some delicious apples for her while returning back from his friend's place. He agreed and left home. While he was chatting with his friend monkey he remeberd about his wife's wish and he said this to the monkey. The crocodile explained, he stays a little far on the middle of the river in an Island with his wife. She would be happy to eat this apple. Today, while returing home please give me some more fruits so that I can make my wife happy. He agreed and plucked some more apple and gave them to him. While returing home, the crocodile carried those apples to his wife.

At home, the whole day, wife crocodile was dreaming about the delicious apple. As soon as he reached the home wife crocodile tasted the delicious apples. She was so happy after eating the apple. Next day, she made her husband promise that he would get the apples for her everyday. So everyday, he began to bring the apples while returning home and she was enjoying the deliciuos apples.

One day, when she was alone at home she was dreaming about the apple. Suddenly she had a crooked thought. Since many years, the monkey is eating the delicious apples his flesh will also be very delicious. She had the wish to eat monkey's heart and flesh. In the evening, after her husband reached home she said to him about her wish. By hearing this, he was shocked. He tried to convince her that he share his true friendhsip with the monkey. But the crooked wife was not willing to listen to him. She stuck to her wish. And she threatened him with dire consequence if he failed to bring home the monkey's heart.

The poor husband crocodile did not have other options as he did not want to lose his wife. The whole night he thought how to come out of this problem. He tried to execuse that the monkey can't swim in the river all the way to his house. But wife crocodile was not convinced with the reason. She gave an idea that the monkey can sit back of crocodile and he could ride all the way on the river.

The next day as soon as he met the monkey he invited him to their house. And he said that his wife is very found of apple and she want to meet the monkey to say thanks to him for the delicious apple he gives every day. But the monkey said, "Your house is quite far of this place in an Island , I can't swim all the way to your house." The crocodile said him to sit on his back and he would ride all the way to reach his house. Happily he accepted his invitaion.

As they were riding on the river the monkey was enjoying the river ride and expressing his happiness to crocodile. But the crocodile was very sad and was not replying to him. But he was thinking that this happy would be only for few hours as he reach the house his wife will kill the monkey. The monkey asked him for his sadness. The crocodile could not able to hide the truth and said about his wife's wish and how she planed to bring the monkey to their house.

Monkey was shocked by hearing this news. But the clever monkey immediatly got the idea. Monkey then replied to crocodile, "As your wife wishes to eat my heart I have one habit that as soon I climb the apple tree I will hang my heart on the tree. Today also I left my heart on the tree. So, she can have my heart only if I get the heart from the tree." The poor crocodile thought what he is saying is true. He then took him back to the apple tree. As they reached on the bank of river near the tree the monkey jumped from the back of crocodile and he climbed to the tree. Now monkey replied to the crocodile, "I have lied to you to save me from you and your wife. I didn't hang my heart on the tree. No one can live without their heart. Now, this is the end of our friendship."

The poor crocodile left the place without monkey!

Moral: Use your brain when you are in trouble.

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