Clever Hare
Once upon a time, there was an ass. The ass usually used to graze grass at the top of the mountain. One day, a hungry wolf was searching for a prey. After walking and searching for a long time, it was feeling tired and hungry. At that moment, the wolf found the ass and decided to make it its prey.

The wolf ran up to the ass and said, "You are my prey, I am going to eat you." At this, the ass replied, "Please don't eat me, I am so small now. You can eat me after I grow up." The wolf agreed to this and said, "Okay. I will meet you here after few years." The ass replied, "Okay".

Years passed. The wolf started the journey. On his way, he met a fox. The fox asked "Where are you going"? The wolf replied "I am going to hunt an ass". The fox asked "May I also join you ?" The wolf replied "Yes." So, the fox and the wolf resumed their journey. On their way, they then met a hare. The hare asked, "Where are you going ?" The wolf and the fox replied, "We are going to hunt an ass." The hare asked, "May I join you ?" The wolf and the fox replied "Yes." So the three animals, the hare, the fox and the wolf resumed their journey. Unknown to the fox and the wolf, the hare had met this ass during the last few years and they had become friends. The ass had also told the hare about the agreement he had had with the wolf.

At last, they reached the top of the mountain where the ass would usually be found. The ass was grazing grass here on this day also. As soon as the ass saw the hare, the fox and the wolf, the ass felt bad. The wolf and the fox where ready to eat the ass. At this point, the hare thought of an idea to help his friend. He took a rope and said, "We must take the ass to a place where we can sit and eat. So, on one end of this rope, the fox and the wolf will be tied and at the other end, the ass will be held to take him with us." The fox and the wolf were pleased and happily agreed to the plan. They were tied at one end of the rope. The ass was tied to the other end. They planned to take the ass to a place where they could eat the ass peacefully. However, as soon as they started moving, the ass started running. He was much stronger now and was able to pull the fox and the wolf in any direction he pleased.

Since the ass started running very fast, the wolf and the fox could not control themselves and fell to the ground. They were dragged along while the ass ran furiously. The fox and the wolf became badly injured and died. In this way, the hare saved the ass.

* Try your best to save your friends and you.
* Do not accept the idea of strange people.
* Never talk to enemies.

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