Clever Grandmother

Once, there was a Goat going to see her grandmother. On the way, she met a wolf. The wolf pulled the goat into a conversation and said, "I am going to eat you now." At this, the goat replied, "Now, I am going to meet my grandmother. You can eat me when I return." "Okay, you may go now, I will eat you when you come back", said the wolf.

The goat reached her grandmother's place and enjoyed the day with her. When she was about to return in the evening, she told her grandmother about the wolf. The grandmother gave an idea. She went to her backyard and brought a hard-shelled bottle gourd. She made a small hole on it and said child goat to hide inside. She did so. The grandmother rolled the bottle gourd down the road. On the way, she saw the wolf waiting for her. The wolf asked the bottle gourd, "Did you see a goat coming this way?"

"No", replied the bottle gourd. The bottle gourd ran fast. On noticing the bottle gourd running, the wolf also started running after the bottle gourd. As soon as the bottle gourd stopped, the goat came out of the bottle gourd and ran inside the house as fast as she could and shut the door.

Moral:- Beware of strangers.

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