Simple science experiments for kids

Does an orange float or sink in the water ?
Try this simple experiment to get the answer.

To try this simple experiment you need an orange, a deep bowl with water.

  1. Take a bowl full of water.
  2. Put the orange in to the bowl and watch what happens.
  3. Now peel the rind(outer skin) of orange and repeat the experiment.

When you drop the orange in water the orange will float. And when you peel the rind of an orange and drop this in the water this orange will sink.

Why is this so:

The rind of orange contains a number of tiny air pockets. ( you can observe small holes like structures in the orange by bringing the orange close to your eyes ). This air pockets will make the density of orange lesser than the density of water. Removing the rind of an orange increases its density and makes it greater than that of water, hence the peeled orange will sink.

If an object weighs more than an equal volume(quantity) of water, it is more dense than water and will sink, and if it weighs less than an equal volume of water, it is less dense and will float.

You get the same result when you replace the orange with a sweet lime or a lemon.

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