Mosque using thermocol

To make the thermocol mosque you need the following items.
Now you will learn how to make the thermocol mosque

Steps :

  1. Preparing the base

    Take a thermocol box, draw the main entrance on two opposite sides of the thermocol and windows arch of mosque shape on the other two sides using a pen or a pencil. Cut out this drawn area using a knife. Cover the base of the thermocol box using the thermocol sheet and fix the pins on the four corners of the thermocol sheet to make it stable and fix it to the base of the box.

  2. Decorating the base

    Now, decorate the edges of main entrance and window arch using silver and green shining papers as explained in the picture.

    This is the outer area of the mosque.

  3. Four pillars (minars) of the mosque

    Take another thermocol box and cut the four corners of the thermocol box in a cylindrical shape to make the pillars of mosque. Now decorate the 4 pillars with silver paper and green paper. Use old balls or any circular shape object (old toys or any circular shaped object of small size) to make the dome shape to the 4 pillars.

    Decorate with green and silver paper as shown in the picture.

  4. Inner walls of the mosque

    Cut the big thermocol sheets in to smaller rectangular sheets of required size to make the inner walls. On the two sides of walls draw doors and make it open by cutting the drawn portion. Similary draw windows on the other two walls and make it open using a knife.

    Decorate the sides of windows using shining paper.

    Cover the doors using thin polythene sheets and silver paper to appear like entry in to the mosque.

    Mount 4 walls using U pins (If you don't have U pins, make U pins using a thin metal wire) as shown in the picture

    Cover the top using another thermocol sheet of required size.

  5. The inner dome

    Make the inner dome using any dome shaped object if you have. Otherwise, make a dome shape of required size using thin metal wires and cover this with chart paper and decorate with silver paper. Now, make another small dome using coconut shell and decorate with silver paper (This dome is optional. You can skip it if you want only one dome at the center). Place the smaller dome (made up of coconut shell) above the bigger dome. Now draw half moon and star on the chart paper or any thick paper or cardboad. Cut this drawing and decorate with green paper.

  6. Assembly

    Bring all these pieces together to complete the assembly

    Place the outer portion of the mosque. Top of the 4 corners mount the pillars and keep the small dome (prepared using balls) above the pillars. Place the inner walls on the center of the outer portion. Place the 2 domes on top of inner wall. Above this dome, insert the prepared half moon and star using staple pin and U pin.

    1. Modifications:

      1. Can use bunch of straw to make the pillars instead of thermocol cylinders.
      2. On top of pillars you can use small light weight balls (preferably sponge balls).
      3. To make the inner big dome light weight ball of required size can also be used.
      These modifications will make the mosque more attractive.

      Similarly, we can make models of a temple, a church, a house etc. using thermocol.

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