Paper Craft: Parrot Cage

Items required to make this cage

A square shaped craft paper, a pencil, a pair of scissors and a ruler

How to make the cage using craft paper


  1. Take a square shaped thick craft paper (15cm width and 15cm length is the ideal size) and fold it at the center.

  2. Place the folded paper in such a way that the opening end is on the left side. Mark at 5cm from the top left corner vertically, in the downward direction. Join this marked point to the top right corner as shown in the picture.

  3. Crop the marked portion

  4. Now draw the shapes A, B, C and D as shown below:

    Size of Shape A :
    Width 2cm, left length 6cm, right length 8cm, distance between the shape A and the left edge of the cage is 1.5cm.

    Size of Shape B :
    Width 1.5cm, length 1.5cm. Distance from top to shape B is 1cm.

    Size of Shape C :
    Width 1.5cm, lenth 7cm, distance from the right edge to the rectangle C is 1cm. Distance from shape B to shape C is 1 cm.

    Size of Shape D :
    Width 1cm, length 4 cm. Distance from shape C to shape D is 1cm.

    Measurement of these shapes are approximate, they need not be considered as the exact size.

  5. Cut the drawings A, B, C and D as shown in the picture above.

  6. Open the folding, make a hole at the top center using a punch machine, insert the parrot, hang it on the wall using a thread